Corporate Social Responsibility

"When the wind blows there are those who build walls, and then there are those who build windmills."

- " Unknown "

At Maan Aluminium Ltd., Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) means aligning our values with a greater good and taking actions to have a positive effect. Here, it is often done through joining forces with nonprofit organizations and focusing on activities within the organization that work towards creating a dynamic workplace for employees, while maintaining a sustainable environment by following ethical business practices.

Recent Activities

World Environment Day 2017

On the occasion of World Environment Day, celebrated on 05th June, team Maan planted more than 100 plants outside the premises to promote awareness on the importance of preserving the biodiversity. Our aim was to encourage our people to go outdoors and appreciate the beauty of the planet, in a bid to show them the importance of protecting it for future generations.

In this age when the connection with nature is fading due the distractions of modern life, World Environment Day reminds us and makes it clearer that we need to maintain harmony between humanity and nature so that both are able to thrive.

Place : Indore

Date : 05 June 2017

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Time well spent

Team Maan, on the occasion of Diwali visited Astha Vriddhajan Sewa Ashram in 2016. This Ashram was established on June 1, 1992, and has become home for many homeless elderly. Apart from sponsored meals and gifts, the authorities also encouraged our team to spend time with these underprivileged elderly. Interaction and love is what these elderly people really look forward to, particularly on special occasions. Diwali was special to them and our team did its best to make them feel loved and special.

Astha was initially a home only for elderly men and women of the society, who had no one to look after them in the twilight of their lives. But very soon Astha realized that elderly citizens will feel happier in the company of children. And so at Astha, they began offering vocational training to destitute women and children during the day. This initiative has transformed into a very big project and is happily spreading joy to countless elderly and underprivileged individuals of society today.

Place : Indore

Date : 10 November 2016

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